The Puzzle Of You™ Is 7 Days Of Videos Of Your Unique 7 Puzzle Pieces. Your Human Design Chart known as The Puzzle of You™ is Read by Rhonda Duffy, The Human Pain Remover.

The Goal and Result: You Find Your Authentic Self and Remove Your Pain! You become Unapologetically You!

This is Human Design, a Powerful Way To Find Yourself!

Meet Your Guide to Read Your Human Design Chart- Rhonda Duffy

Rhonda Duffy - The Puzzle of You™

Hi there and thank you for your interest in learning more about your superpowers.  We all have them but often we have to remove the pain of the lower frequency to get to them to use them.  Superpowers are our unique gifts, talents and traits that make us unique and special.  Some people search their whole life and then die and never find their unique superpowers, use them and then find freedom.  They live a painful life not believing in themselves. 

The Human Pain Remover 

I am Rhonda Duffy, referred to by some, and I love the term so I call myself, The Human Pain Remover.  In my day job, I am The Real Estate Powerhouse, running a large residential real estate brokerage.  My job is to create processes that people can use to get the result they are seeking.  Bottom line, I pour fertilizer on seeds and watch them grow.  So basically, I train people to get results.  

So for two decades I have used all kinds of tools to help me relate to the kind of thinking that the person I was leading was using to get their current results.  I have been a student of personality tools because I also love shortcuts and I hate wasting time although I will address the same issue with someone 5 different ways until their light bulb goes off.  I have become attuned to a wicked sharp intuition.

 I believe that God gave us these gifts, so let’s use them. 

Then, I met Human Design.  From the second that it resonated with me, I have been on a deep track to bring this into my world and help everyone that I know understand their superpowers that they can use to set themselves free and catapult to the next level that they desire using their superpowers and higher frequencies.  This mission gives a sense of freedom to you that you can’t believe.  I believe that God gave us these gifts, so let’s use them.  

And I want to say here, I have learned in the hundreds of designs that I have read and all of the one-on-one private Summary Calls that I have done that this lifetime is about the courage to love.  The courage to love comes from accessing your authentic gifts, talents and traits.  Staying in and fine tuning your unique high frequency.  Being aware, not doing anything, just being aware and observing.  

Human Design has changed me.  My courage is effortless.  My pain is removed when I am in my high frequency.  I want this for all humans.  My life theme in my Design is to give direction, then forget about it.  My mission, Remove Your Pain.  

Let me say a little about the Puzzle.  When I learned Human Design and started studying my Human Design Chart, and I decided that I wanted to use this tool to lead my team, help my friends, my family, etc… I could not find just a few parts that were important that I wanted to deliver in a 60 or 90 minute reading. They were all important keys to the design because at least one-half of our lives are driven by our unconscious personality.  And, when you are hearing something about your unconscious for the first time, there is a stall in your mind, in other words, it takes time to hear it.  

I firmly believe that this is my best work in this lifetime!

So I built the Puzzle as a video series that you can watch over and over and whenever you want.  It is personalized to only you and it has been very impactful in it’s delivery because we are not discussing you, I am telling you about you and you are in a relaxed versus defensive state of mind.  Then we discuss everything in the Summary Calls.  And, if you want to further the experience by doing weekly Living calls, we work on implementing your design into your life.  It is just really good! I firmly believe that this is my best work in this lifetime!

Thank you for visiting with me.  

 ~ Rhonda

P.S.  If you are feeling even the slightest curiosity about this – your unconscious is the one that is pulling at you right now.  Reach for this and grab it.  You won’t be sorry.  And, there is a money back guarantee just in case you are and don’t care for your Human Design Chart Reading.

P.S.S.  My study journey in Human Design has been  taken with Masters in Human Design, Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood.  I am forever grateful for their teachings and the continuance of learning from them. 

This is my husband Frank Duffy.  We have been married since 1997.   We have 2 children, a dog named Leo and 3 outdoor cats that protect your mountain lodge from mice and snakes.

Frank Duffy

Made with love by Rhonda Duffy @ 2019 The Puzzle of You™